Wednesday, September 23, 2009


This isn't a project. This isn't a journey. It's not even really a journal. It's just a place for me to collect my thoughts. Somewhere where I can take a break and think about all the things that bounce around my head all day. Once in middle school I had to list three words that describe myself. The first word I thought of was "thoughtful." Not because I frequently thought about the needs of others, but because my head was just always full of thoughts (the other descriptions probably had something to do with not being very good with vocabulary). The only problem was that I have never been really good at sorting out all the things that keep buzzing around my brain. Now that I have two small children, the background noise has only gotten louder. I want this be a place where I can take a break, collect my thoughts and reason them out.

I like to write. I'm not really into fiction or op-ed. Blogging is more my style. I've been caught in the late-twenties-what-am-I-doing-with-my-life snare and the only conclusion I've come to is that I would like to work on my writing. It's a hobby. It's therapy. It's a break from the day.


  1. Love it! Love the name, Love the background!

  2. Thank you! Your support means a lot.

  3. how did you score this domain name!? it's AWESOME!! i think the subtitle and background are PERFECT. i'm so excited to get a glimpse of those thoughts that are bouncin around. you're not just another pretty face. i'm so glad you decided to share what's behind the eyes with the rest of the world.

  4. I'm so glad you think it makes sense! I typed in about a bajillion names and this one finally said it was empty, so I just went with it. Later, I realized that I was probably thinking of the words "deductive reasoning", but whatev. Some things are just fate I guess...